TOP 10 Products of More-V Intelligent Trade and Commerce Exhibition Area in 2019

May 31, 2019

More-V had created an intelligent business booth at 20th SIAL China, among all areas the “select from global, get free sample” area was the most popular one, thousand of SKU had been selected from US, Chile, Spain, Israel, India, Taiwan and other countries and regions and 500 popular products such as dried fruit, nuts, juice, jam, creamer and rice. The exhibitors can get sample on site and could submit information online then get samples from overseas. On the showcase, “one product for one QR code”, customers can read brand story, understand the product details and see real product on site; not only increase the interaction of the product display, but also satisfy customer's curiosity. At the same time it also save time for staff to introduce product details, and facilitated the communication quickly and efficiently.

The exhibition is over, More-V will make comment on the 10 most popular products on the exhibition. Let's take a look at those products!

TOP10 Buckwheat

Buckwheat as the darling of this new era can be eaten as food, but because its taste was too bland, buckwheat can only be used with other ingredients to alleviate its bland taste. Many people in Peru use buckwheat to make porridge or salad. This combination not only balances the nutrition, but also remains the shape of red buckwheat after cooking. It also makes the salad and porridge colorful. Buckwheat is also applied in making soups, cakes, stir-fries, tea, wine and other categories.

Top9 Mango Puree

This mango puree is made from Alphonso mango, and is authorized by foreign suppliers that More-V can be sold using the trademark of "More-V natural super fruit" in China. Mango puree made from mango pulp can be preserved in cans, which not only extends its shelf life, but also makes it easy to transport products to all parts of the world by sea. This solves most of the problems occurred in transporting whole fruits. Canned mangoes are not so sloppy, it is more smooth, deep golden yellow with ripe mango aroma, sweet, just like fresh fruit without pulp.

Top8 Mango Puree

Coffee Promotion has 160 brands of coffee, with 200 tons monthly output and customized OEM services are also available. Specialized baking, design, packaging and shipping services are available according to customer’s request. This drip bag coffee is made of high quality Arabica coffee beans. After careful selection and processing, coffee beans are roasted finally and carefully ground into powder. All procedures are completed in Poland, 100% Poland imported.

Top7 White ice honey

KALADA is the top white honey brand in Canada, KALADA was praised by Canadian locals as "cream platinum." It also holds the highest level of Canada Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) certificate. KALADA white ice honey is in low temperature treatment during all procedures, its genetic factors and nutrient enzymes are remained and keep their original nutritional value maximally. The yield of white honey is quite low, only 1~2 times a year. Its rich variety of flower sources and complete range of nutrients wins the reputation of “Baihua Dan (A famous Chinese Herb)”. The white honey in Canada is naturally mature, and it forms a fine white crystal state. The advanced cold extraction process stores the vitamins, minerals and active substances without adding additives. Pure raw materials and traditional processes make white honey as snow-like white, cheese-like smooth texture with sweet taste and rich aroma.

Top6 Dried mango

This dried mango is from Thailand. Dried mango is a very famous processed fruit in Thailand. More-V selected Thailand high-quality mango with soft mango. Its pulp is golden and full with fresh, sweet aroma. You can taste a thick mango flavor with a full bite, not too sweet, and super chewy.

Top5 Honey mustard dressing

Honey mustard dressing with the rich honey sweet, combined with the delicate taste of mustard, can be paired with spinach or a mixed vegetable salad with bacon, orange and bean sprouts. It is also delicious when used in roasted tiger shrimps and arugula. British supplier Atkins & Potts is a family-owned company founded in 2005, each of them is produced in Hampshire, crafted by a group of crafted handmade chefs. And all products are not produced on a large scale, they ensure that all products contain a high proportion of key ingredients. Respect great traditions, innovate and create own recipes. In addition, Atkins & Potts is proud that its product had won the Gold Award of “Great Taste” held by Britain.

Top4 Cranberry

Cranberry, which is popular in North America, is a healthy fruit that is more respected by American doctors than blueberry. It is known as "the ruby of North America." Because cranberry can only be planted in highly acidic sand and cold wetland climate, it can only grow in the Northern America, Canada, Chile and other places in South America. Therefore, fresh cranberries are rarely seen on the market. Processed juice, dried fruit and cranberry nutritional supplements are the main products of cranberry. More-V cranberry slices are cut in one-half form, with moisture content in 13%-18%, suitable for baking or snacks. Baking products are customized for the terminal customers by More-V with light weight and can be used again after use. The package is made of light-shielded aluminum foil bag and self-supporting zipper, which has made great efforts to ensure food health.

Top3 Peroni Honey

Honey is a precious gift from nature. It has a fragrant smell and does not contain any artificial additives or preservatives. It is a life-filled food that warms you in the winter and makes you feel rejuvenate in the summer. The honey dessert from Peroni retains the original flavor of honey to the maximally, it has become a fine food that everyone likes. Strawberry adds a bright brilliance to this dessert, its special making technique makes this dessert even sweeter. This product comes from a Russian supplier, it is mainly engaged in honey and honey dessert products, with a variety of flavors and beautiful in packaging.

Top2 Raisin

This raisin is imported from Chile, because raisins basically retain the nutritional value of the grapes and easier to store and carry, you can buy raisins at anytime and anywhere. It has great popularity among many people. Usually people takes raisins as a snack. The specifications of raisin can also be different according to the specific requirements of customers.

Top1 Concentrated Red Grapefruit

More-V red grapefruit concentrated carefully selected high-quality fresh red grapefruit for processing, from source to juice, are strictly obey with quality inspection to provide customers with the highest quality and nutrient-rich orange concentrated, concentrated will never be inferior to freshly squeezed red grapefruit juice. More-V’s concentrated are supplied by Israel's GAT Foods. Gat Foods was founded in 1942 and is located in the central of Israel's citrus plantations. Based on GAT’s long-standing experience in cultivation and processing of citrus fruits, it has a unique vertical structural advantage and is committed to developing a variety of solutions to different beverages. The unique vertical structural advantages from orchard to shelf allow GAT to better manage R&D and manufacturing processes and ensuring customers of Gat Foods could get benefit from this significant competitive advantage. The concentrated raw material introduced by More-V presents the popular refreshing drinks made with different concentrated in the drink shops, such as dominating orange, lemon fruit tea, peach fruit tea, red grapefruit tea, dominating fresh lemon and pomegranate milk foam and so on.



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