Exhibition Review: Intelligent lead to delicious feast

May 24, 2019

On May 16th, the 20th SIAL China was successfully closed. More-V as a value-added service provider, launching a new format focusing on the food industry. In this 3-day exhibition, 200+ VIPs and 20,000 people attended the event. 8712 orders (120 containers) were got on-site with an increase of 5% year-on-year growth at a total transaction amount of 5.2 million US dollars.

Leaders of China Cooperative Trade Enterprises Association, CNPC (China national petroleum corporation), Guangdong Chain Operations Association, Shenzhen Central Kitchen Logistics Distribution Center, Taiwan Agricultural Investment Co., Ltd. and other leaders came on-site to have guidance and praised More-V for leading the new trend in the food industry.

Over 100+ media, such as China News Service, Shanghai Pudong TV, Shandong TV, China Food Newspaper, China Food Safety Newspaper, Food Resources and HotoFood had on-site interviews at More-V’s exhibition area to spread More-V’s intelligent new initiatives to world in different perspective.

This year's exhibition More-V and 16 channel partners jointly organized exhibitions in a European market style, with an exhibition area of 1,500 square meters. It is the largest exhibition area of SIAL China over the years; innovative ideas such as free sample of 500 overseas source SKUs and 3 creative drink shops for uninterruptedly new tea products, which highlight the service system from source to terminal and received 3,023 sample demand orders; transactions were pushed by on-site hot scenes, 70% of customers got an all year round all-in price through and found their partners.

Highlights 1! This year’s fashion trends start from tea drink explosions

Heytea sells coffee, Starbucks sells fruit tea, More-V sells raw materials, services and lifestyle. This year's exhibition More-V, Ocean Spray, Supin Food and Shanghai Haoji together create different types of fresh tea in drink shop application, but also win fresh customer base in SIAL China.

As the largest manufacturer and the largest brand of cranberry in United States, Ocean Spray used cranberry syrup as a tea drink application in Asian cranberry market. Combining fresh lime and cranberry aromas, with a refreshing taste of soda and ruby red visual impact, which is ideal for summer drinking, is expecting to be new lead for night market drinks.

Water shop’s benchmark service provider Supin Food, uses concentrated juice from More-V to make varieties of drinks. Among those drinks, golden pineapple jasmine is the on-site favorite drink this year and concentrated used in this drink are from More-V. Drilled pineapple juice concentrate. Taiwan Agricultural Investment Co., Ltd., which produces this product, is a high-quality juice supplier that has obtained CAS certification in Taiwan. Its raw materials have been supplied to many well-known drink shops.

There is also an old Taiwan-funded authoritative supply service provider, Shanghai Haoji, which is also eye-catching at exhibition. Their “Bayberry Orange Forest” drinks are favored by many customers. The product is made with More-V orange concentrated 1+8, bayberry and orange juice are matched with the festive color of red and yellow. Its gradient color and taste satisfied customers, and also attracts countless exhibitors come to try the drink in our live broadcast.

Highlights 2! Gather quality suppliers’ brands and enjoy delicious feast

More-V gathered 16 high quality suppliers including Hong Kong Renxing Bird's Nest, Shanghai Aozhijiao, Israel Gat Foods, Mbak Tina Trading, Shanghai Piaoyun, Rubio, First Choice Food, Jinbaisui, You know you pick and Gudianyiquan to participate in the exhibition, not only to show their strength through More-V’s activities, but also hope that they will join hands with More-V to develop domestic distribution service market. In order to achieve this, More-V will take some boutique casual snacks from exhibition to KOI stream, so they could taste the food on the spot and to get orders on site. Using KOI to improve brand influence is not a pioneering move, but because More-V spares no expense to expose products through tasting, we sells 1,000 boxes of various products in just 3 days.

3-day exhibition has been passed in an instant. We are busy and happy preparing booth, designing booth, layout and display of the products... We are all carefully planned and presented with heart. We welcome audience in all directions to let More-V become most beautiful landscape on the SIAL China. We take every opportunity to express More-V to outside world seriously, we will never satisfy with our performance, when our service meets affirmation, when professional meets professional, we are very happy when the booth meets appreciate and all the effort is worthwhile. Thank you all my friends! The end of this year's show is just the beginning of our gathering next year. The future is more exciting. We look forward to see you again from May 13th to 15th, 2020.



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