More-V’s “Digital industry trade & service chain” was unveiled in SIAL China.

May 15, 2019

On May 14, 2019, the 20th SIAL China hold a grand opening in Shanghai. N2 Hall as an intelligent exhibition hall in SIAL China and More-V as an intelligent trade value-added service provider of SIAL China, will help enhance efficiency and experience of SIAL China through precision marketing, direct source purchase, help payment and free bonded warehouse.

In order to achieve accurate marketing, More-V has divided exhibition into 5 regions: "global selection, free sampling", "landmarks experience", "VIP business matchmaking", "hot sale area", "drink shop innovation application". 1000 SKUs and 500 hot sale raw material products such as dried fruits, nuts, juices, jams, creamers and rice were select from the United States, Chile, Spain, Israel, India, Taiwan and other countries. Exhibition hall were built in a European style and through AI hardware and software facilities, More-V could show its digital source purchase so that the exhibitors can not only get sample on-site, but also submit samples require online in order to get samples directly from overseas sources.

Since these overseas boutique SKUs are all equipped with “one product, one QR code” on the intelligent showcase, customers can read brand story, realize product details and see real product on the spot before purchasing; not only increase the interaction of goods display but also satisfies the curiosity of the customer, meanwhile could reduces the time for the staff to introduce the product details and promotes the exhibition communication quickly and efficiently.

This year More-V’s major product is drink shop juice products, cooperating with Chinese channel partner to create 3 creative drink shop applications, prepare KOI products on-site. The time reporters visited was the time that every corner of drink shop was thronged. Raw materials from Israel, Taiwan and United States which were mainly launched this year were indeed suitable for restaurants, drink shops, hotels and other places. They could be used directly or combined with other accessories to create same drink compare with Naisnow tea and Heytea, so it is particularly eye-catching. As the site closely attach to the needs of the C-end market and tries to reproduce the atmosphere of a real and warm tea shop, even fruit suppliers who supply drink shops, restaurants and other channels can be also find in More-V’s exhibition area. It can be said that this year's More-V Intelligent trade exhibition are is the epitome of the SIAL China. It is the gospel of many small and medium-sized customers. As long as you come to the N2C006 booth, you can get a solution for catering, drink shop and supermarket.

In addition, More-V also arranged some overseas boutique snacks free sample in the live broadcast of KOI for them to experience and get orders on-site. It’s common to let KOI improve brand influence and provide faster communication methods for retail product channels and suppliers. It is an old-fashioned way, but rather new in SIAL China organized by More-V. Through large exposure of products and free sample in this 3-day exhibition, people can not only select the best brands on the spot, but also gain insight in market conditions.

What is even more striking is that there are five big signs on the scene of the event. The above is the content of More-V's supply chain service. As the world's first BAB service platform for imported food trade, the winner of "Asia's Most Investing Potential Brand" and "Asia's Most Investing Value Brand" on the Asian brand festival, More-V has customs clearance qualification in multi-category, which can help member customers in customs clearance, inspection, taxation and other customs clearance procedures without adding prices and could send products to major cities in China; More-V's bonded warehouses in East China and South China are equipped with a 1 million-ton frozen and cold storage warehouse and other related facilities, can provide 60~90 days of free warehousing services for member customers. More-V has 9 major SC production sub-package license qualifications, covering up to 150 categories, through seven industrial clusters distributed in Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Qingdao, Xiamen and Kunshan, which can meet member customers’ repackaging and processing need in low cost in nearby area. More-V overseas company provides low-interest help payment services for China's member customers, which can greatly reduce financial pressure and risk in overseas purchases. All members who purchase through More-V will only have to pay parts of prepayment then could enjoy help procurement, stocking all year round, pick goods and pay in batches. With 11,000 overseas source suppliers, More-V could provide domestic members with time-saving, labor-saving and cost-saving direct purchase services, reduce intermediate links, reduce transaction costs and increase profit margins.

We can say that More-V does have a great advantage in supply chain aspect. To realize intelligent trade with “digital import industry chain trade service” that could help improving efficiency and experience, it is bound to further reduce intermediate links and help buyers and sellers get real order with better choice and lower transaction cost. More-V will bring more benefits to imported food trade area!



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