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Jun 1, 2019

In 2019 SIAL China, More-V continued to deepen the principle of “minimizing transaction costs”, to seize opportunities in drastic changes of import food trade to promote supply chain services in intelligent trade. More-V's service integrates resources from upstream to downstream, reduces intermediate links and transaction costs, improve procurement efficiency, with the goal of ensuring that every product reaches customers with the lowest cost and shortest time.

Fully meet customers’ need with an upgrading diversified supply chain service

More-V supply chain services can cover all aspects in supply chain of transaction for both parties, through seven industrial clusters distributed in Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Qingdao, Xiamen, Kunshan and bonded warehouse in East China and South China. To integrate all business activities in supply chain, providing an all-in-one integrated services for customers.

Lack of reliable overseas source resources?

With the advantage of platform and Asia's largest, third largest exhibition in world, SIAL China, More-V had established business partnerships with 11,000 overseas suppliers, match buyers and suppliers according to the needs from production areas, varieties, processing and packaging. More-V could provide professional services in business negotiation and product selecting meet every individual need of customers.

Not enough money, meet turnover difficulties?

Traditional import require buyers to pay 100% of the purchase price, including full amount of sea freight, insurance, taxes, customs clearance fees and domestic logistics fees. With More-V’s supply chain financial services, customers only require to pay small margin, remaining related expenses are advanced or reduced by More-V, which provides a great space for customer's capital turnover.

Small import volume from small farms and factories in different countries?

More-V provides customers with global collection and direct consolidation container services, covering 11,000 overseas suppliers, and supports varieties of transportation needs in air, sea and general cabinets to meet customers’ different needs.

Lack of customs clearance experience, lack of professional team?

More-V's customs clearance services team cover Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other ports. They are familiar with customs clearance procedures with highest efficiency and lowest expenses at various ports. They can provide free handling fees for customers and support clearance in double letterhead for domestic consignees and consumers. Greatly simplified procedures in import and export procedures. In order to alleviate pressure on customers' funds, members who purchase through More-V can pay for part of the payment as prepayment, then they could enjoy the treatment of help procurement, whole year goods preparing, pick up goods in batches and help payment in batches.

Self-owned warehouse has difficult turnover and too slow in outbound and ship?

More-V cooperates with local governments to provide warehousing and logistics services, with 1 million ton grade Chinese bonded warehouse and modern warehouse management system, as well as a complete transportation and distribution network to integrate supply chain and warehouse services. At present, bonded warehouse in East China and South China adopts a service model which combine bonded and non-bonded service, which can make one warehouse serve multiple formats at the same time, so that multiple logistics and trade forms that need to be stored in multiple regions and multiple warehouses before can be completed in one central warehouse.



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