This is “LoveBox”

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-An unprecedented word-of-mouth marketing tool for customer development:

Love Box is a high-tech, fun and innovative gadget & gift used to resonate with your customers. It comes out with a visual and tasty experience in which your promo video and samples are put together to be introduced, tasted, and promoted. With a quick scan of the QR code, your web page will pop out instantly.

This is definitely a great innovation that transforms the way of meeting your clients and sending samples to a targeted, precise and professional group of customers.

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01 When you open the box, it will automatically play the video with loop playback. Once it closed, it will stop playing.

02 Charge: Use USB to connect both computer and the box. Remember to close the box when charging. The charging time is 3~4 hours.

03 The box cannot be blended, patted or dropped.

04 You must turn off the video firstly before connect with the computer.

05 About transferring the video: you can transfer videos from Love Box to PC, and also can transfer videos or files from PC/U dick to Love Box

We can exclusive customize the “LoveBox” for you, please scan QR code to contact staff if needed.